Arisa Itami


Arisa Itami: In 2008, after encounters with many artists and driven by the concept of “making art a part of life,” Arisa successfully established her own art gallery. She then moved on to operate the “Ouchi Gallery” (Brooklyn, New York) for 10 years where she provided countless opportunities and an activity space for young artists. Also in 2008, she planned an origami project, teaching children in Nigeria about the “art of a piece of paper.” In 2012, Arisa had exhibitions in Canada and Italy (the 100 Artist Exhibition in Italy). In 2014, she wrote “What Schools Don’t Teach About Becoming an Artist”, which became a best seller in Amazon’s Art Education. Arisa is currently the director of the Japanese Contemporary Artists Team (JCAT) in New York, where she helps young artists step into the art world. In 2016 she received the “TIME OUT NEW YORK LOVE AWARD” for the most loved local gallery in Brooklyn. Arisa is now an international independent artists organizer based in NY.