Ouchi Gallery is located on the fifth floor of a hundred-year-old historic building in Brooklyn, New York. Originally a shoe factory, now it is an art gallery and a home to talented young artists from Japan and around the world to showcase their art and make progress toward their dreams. The concept of Ouchi, a word that means “home” in Japanese, is “Art as a Part of Life.” The hope of the Ouchi Staff is to pass on an idea of art as a treasure to cherish and as a part of one’s home. With this in the mind, the gallery exhibits work of modern Japanese artists in a cozy space without pretensions. When people come to visit Ouchi Gallery, they are greeted with a warm welcome and asked to relax, drink tea, and find peace, sharing the experience of living together in the presence of art. Ouchi Gallery also offers affordable art for rental and purchase to suit a broad range of places and people. Considering art as much more than a product, the Ouchi Staff works to ensure that art maintains a value beyond business and commerce. Art has the ability to affect humanity and connect our lives together. It is the mission of Ouch to create that environment and make that dream a reality. Ouchi is devoted to discovering young artists from Japan and around the world, representing them, Ouchi Gallery has exhibited thousands of works in nearly all mediums and formats, from performance art and installation to sculpture, painting, illustration, calligraphy, Japanese printing, video, graphic design, collage, crafts, glasswork and more. At Ouchi Gallery, artists are also offered the chance to share their talents through playing music, dancing, singing, and creating with audiences in a warm-hearted ways.